Our Equipment

Our Equipment


In order to be the best, we need to have the best tools.




Our Portable Vacuums

Our industrial Vacuums were designed specifically for professional duct cleaning. It’s possible that driving up to your house in a big duct truck will certainly look more impressive – but don’t let the size of our tools fool you. Click here to watch our video comparing our portable duct vacuum to a duct truck to see what we mean. The Revolution Hybrid duct vacuum has more than enough suction with the added benefit of keeping your warm air in the house during cold weather. Because of it’s portability, we can use this vacuum right next to the furnace, meaning that the powerful suction is not lost due to a long hose.



With our cameras, there’s no guesswork about your ductwork.




Cobra View

Our Camera Tools

The Cobraview Camera System allows us to see your ducts in real time while we clean. This means that we will have greater confidence that we thoroughly cleaned your home or workplace when we leave the job site. To see our camera working it’s way through an absolute mess inside a duct system, click here (you might want to make sure you aren’t eating anything).



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